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Technical Screening by PullRequest helps everyone — from technical recruiters to non-technical hiring managers — screen and evaluate candidates so you can make better hiring decisions, backed by data.

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Code challenges
Take-home code challenges

A well-written resume can only tell you so much. Our take-home code challenges are optimized for every team and position, from junior to senior developers in most programming languages and frameworks.

Technical assessments
Technical assessments

Code challenges are evaluated by top reviewers from PullRequest. Technical assessments are bias-free — your company and candidates remain anonymous to our reviewers — enabling objective insights on candidates' technical abilities.

Skill reporting
Tech skills analysis and reporting

We deliver straightforward reports that highlight candidates' strengths and areas of development, benchmarked against industry standards and best practices seen by our reviewers' combined millions of hours of code review.

"PullRequest’s technical assessments have been an excellent filter for hiring the very best candidates. With a network of thousands of reviewers, they’re better and more consistent than our internal teams at adequately assessing skill based on language and framework expertise. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Kevin Gibbon

Founder, Shyp

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