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Assess tech skills across all of your candidates with Technical Screening by PullRequest. Make more informed hiring decisions so you can build your best team.

Conduct custom code challenges.

Conduct custom code challenges.

A resume only tells you so much. Our code challenges help you accurately assess the technical skills of your candidates.

  • Vet potential hires in any major language or framework.
  • PullRequest tailors each code challenge based on your organization's technology stack, values and hiring process.
Receive exhaustive technical assessments.

Receive exhaustive technical assessments.

Our network of top-tier engineers review your candidate’s code challenge and assess their skills based on language and framework expertise.

  • Your company and your candidates remain anonymous to our reviewers, enabling objective, bias-free feedback.
  • Our reviewers are trained to assess engineering skills based on a wide range of factors.
Kevin Gibbon, Founder, Shyp

"PullRequest's technical assessments have been an excellent filter for hiring the very best candidates. With a network of thousands of reviewers, they're better and more consistent than our internal teams at adequately assessing skill based on language and framework expertise. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Kevin Gibbon, Founder, Shyp

Capitalize on insights and analysis

Capitalize on insights and analysis.

You'll receive a technical skills report from PullRequest detailing the caliber of your candidate based on their custom code challenge.

  • Our reports are designed to be easy to read, whether you have a technical background or not.
  • We help you more accurately gauge the skill caliber of your new hires by better understanding their talents and limitations as engineers.

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$250 / candidate

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PullRequest integrates with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, so it's embedded right into your current workflow. We work where you do, no distraction or change of process required.

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