AI-Powered Security Review

Smart Review Selection

Get detailed code review of your most important code. Ship secure code fast.

Our AI-driven system automatically selects the most important code for review and sends it to our network of professional reviewers. We work with your team to ensure the security of your code while avoiding noisy false positives.

Work with world-class engineers.
AI Powered Selection

Highest risk changes identified

One of the most difficult parts of reviewing code for security is knowing where to start. PullRequest's AI-powered selection algorithm identifies the highest risk changes in your codebase in real-time, so that we can focus your attention on what matters.

  • PullRequest employs a combination of static analysis and AI to identify high-risk changes.
  • Our AI for detecting security risk has been trained on hundreds of millions of lines of code and years of experience, to identify relative risk of changes.
  • AI is not ready to replace human reviewers. Our human-in-the-loop system is incredibly powerful in the hands of our expert reviewers.
Improve code quality.
Expert Review

Full code review

Once a change is identified as higher-risk and selected for review, it is routed to a professional human reviewer for a full code review. Our network of reviewers is made up of senior-level developers with experience at top-tier engineering companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

  • Reviewers will utilize the highlighted risks and static analysis results to provide a full code review, while dismissing false positives.
  • Engaging with our reviewers on your pull requests fosters learning that carries forward in future changes.
Speed up engineering cycles.
Increase Velocity

Ship secure code fast

Developers often spend a lot of time waiting for security code reviews, or otherwise don't get the feedback they need. PullRequest reviews code fast.

  • The median review is completed within 90 minutes, and 99% of reviews are completed within 24 hours depending on size and scope.
Customize your workflow.
Flexible Workflows

Sensible defaults with customization

Smart Review Selection is designed to work out-of-the-box with minimal configuration needed. We take the guesswork out and focus on the most important changes. However, for teams wanting to customize their workflows, we offer extensive options to tailor to your needs.

  • We prioritize high-risk changes, but also introduce randomization to ensure broad spot-checking of your codebase.
  • You can increase or decrease the depth and breadth of review depending on your needs.
  • Prioritize or filter out specific repositories, branches, or files to customize your workflow using our advanced configuration options.

Get started with PullRequest today.

Let's talk about your needs and find an option that helps your development team ship code faster and with more confidence.

  • Leverage AI to identify high-risk changes
  • Security review from expert reviewers
  • Fast feedback from industry experts
  • Customizable workflows
Tools Tools

We review within your tools.

PullRequest integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps so it's embedded right into your current workflow. We work where you do, no distraction or change of process required.

We support all languages & frameworks

Supported Tech Supported Tech

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