How It Works


Request a Review

Ready for a review? Connect PullRequest with your repository hosting service and tag pull requests by adding [pr] to the title.


Static Tools Run

We run concurrently optimized static analysis and linters, all customized for your team's needs. We'll even try to set defaults based on your previous pull request histories.


Experts Review Code

An expert reviewer is assigned to your pull request. They look through the static and linting outputs, generating a pull request for easy fixes, comments and questions for hard ones.


Changes Approved / Discussed

Have questions? Confused about one of our proposals? Not a problem! Comment right in GitHub, Slack or our web application. Once everything looks hunky-dory, you push away using your normal CI/CD process.


Happy Code, Happy Product

We'll help you move faster and catch more issues. This leads to a happier team, a happier product, and makes us happy too!

Get Started with PullRequest

Let’s talk about how we can help your team increase code quality and velocity. Request a demo and we’ll be in touch.

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