Giving back through code review

Every June, Google celebrates GoogleServe—a month-long campaign to empower Googlers to volunteer in their communities. This year, Google is working with PullRequest to provide code review to nonprofits.

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Code review
Code review as a service

Ship secure, quality code faster and with greater confidence while keeping technical debt in check. PullRequest augments your existing code review process with on-demand review by professional reviewers.

Technical screening
Technical screening

Make better, more informed hiring decisions with custom code challenges and technical assessments. Both your nonprofit and your candidates remain anonymous to reviewers, enabling objective, bias-free feedback.

What are the goals of this GoogleServe pilot?

In addition to volunteering in our local communities, we hope to connect Googlers' professional skills and expertise to nonprofit and community needs.

What kinds of things will reviewers look for?

Reviewers look for code smell, removal of technical debt, style adherence, and ways to level-up your code. We can advise reviewers to look for specific concerns based on your preferences.

How do reviewers have enough context to provide good reviews?

Reviewers can provide surface-level or deep reviews, and surface reviews are still very comprehensive in the kinds of bugs and technical issues they raise.

What technologies does PullRequest support?

PullRequest supports most popular languages and frameworks. You can see the full list of supported technologies here.

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