Frequently Asked Questions

How do reviewers have enough context to provide good reviews?

Our reviewers can either provide surface or deep reviews. Surface reviews are surprisingly comprehensive in the kinds of bugs and technical issues that they can bring up. For the majority of projects, either first or second pass surface reviews will catch the vast majority of bugs and provide a significant reduction in technical debt.

How does PullRequest work with on-premise teams?

We can deploy an on-premise solution on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales team for more information at hello@pullrequest.com.

Will my code remain safe?

Our first concern is the safety of your code. As a first line, all PullRequest employees, contractors, and reviewers have signed 3-way PIA, NDAs, and assignments to prevent any discussion, dissemination, or release of data. All of our employees, contractors, and reviewers are based in the US and Canada. This is a protective measure to ensure the enforceability of the above contracts.

We also have a comprehensive security program and bug bounty. Our employees will only access your code base during debugging flagged errors during static analysis, customer service (where you have given permission to do so), and during reviews.

Our reviewers, employees, and contractors are also forbidden from storing your code; all interactions with codebases occur on our application or our supported third-party applications (e.g. Github).

For a more comprehensive overview of security at PullRequest, check out our Data Security Policy and compliance programs.

Are your reviewers good?

We take great pride in the reviewers we work with. Some of them are even core contributors to the frameworks and languages that you might work with. The one thing that all of our employees and reviewers have in common is: we love helping make better code a reality.

Through our rigorous vetting process, we establish top of mark benchmarks that reviewers must exceed in order to join teams. In addition, in a blind process, we also regularly test reviewers to make sure code quality remains high. You can learn more about our reviewer network here.

What technologies does PullRequest support?

We support all languages and frameworks. See a list of our current supported technologies here.

We're always looking to add new languages and frameworks to our platform! Working with something great that you would like PullRequest to support? Email us at hello@pullrequest.com with the suggestion.

What kinds of things are your reviewers looking for?

Our reviewer network can be viewed as an extension of your development team, providing a second set of eyes on your code. Aside from our static analysis, we're keeping our eyes out for code smell, removal of technical debt, style adherence, and overall looking to level-up the code. However, we can advise our reviewers to look out for specific concerns based on your individual team's preferences.

How fast is PullRequest?

We aim to turn around pull requests as fast as possible. For most requests, that'll be within a few hours.

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