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"I was one of the only engineers working the week before the holidays. I was able to take advantage of all of the meeting-free days with heads-down coding time, but also able to deploy features within chunks because each day my code was being reviewed by PullRequest."

Aaron Schachter

Senior Software Engineer,

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"Engaging with PullRequest created a feedback loop that continues to improve our engineering practices. A core part of the job includes our engineers reviewing pull requests themselves. They learn from the high-quality reviews we see from PullRequest, and it uplevels their development and review processes."

Jeff Kalikstein

VP Engineering, Silvercar by Audi

What our customers are saying

"PullRequest has caught mission-critical issues within our code base before we have released them."

Jeff Magnusson

CTO, Alavida Health

"The overwhelming majority of our codebase has been reviewed by PullRequest, and it's significantly better because of it."

Joe Emison

CTO, Branch

"They're better and more consistent than our internal teams at adequately assessing skill based on language and framework expertise."

Kevin Gibbon

Founder, Shyp

"I received excellent feedback on ways that I could simplify my code and leverage better techniques with updated JavaScript syntax."

Rafa Pacas

Senior Software Engineer,

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