August 18, 2019

PullRequest Support for GitLab Self-Managed

We’re very pleased to announce that PullRequest Proxy, PullRequest’s integration tool for servicing teams with code hosted on-premise or via private cloud, now supports GitLab!

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January 22, 2019

Monitor Code Health with Repository Insights

Performance metrics or KPIs for developers can be a monkey’s paw. You’ll often get exactly what you measure, so be careful what you wish for.

Through our code review across many different teams, we’ve seen telltale signs of toxic coding practices as a result of KPI initiatives introduced with the best of intentions.

If you optimize for added lines of code, then you might unintentionally encourage bloat or redundancy for the sake of writing more code.

Establishing the right metrics to monitor code health is really hard, but it’s important to track changes over time in order to see emerging trends or outliers that can be drilled into further.

Our new Repository Insights dashboard displays clean, simple visualizations for several key metrics at-a-glance: open pull request statuses, average pull request lifespan, daily trends across average pull request lifespan, comments on pull requests, and contribution volume.

We’re working to highlight key metrics and trends to help development teams most meaningfully optimize their development lifecycles.

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July 31, 2018

Code Review as a Service on

We are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our integration to support code repositories fully within our code review platform. This integration matches the code review as a service that teams are already using with PullRequest’s GitHub app and PullRequest’s Bitbucket app.

Development teams using are now able to receive on-demand code review directly in their workflow from our network of thousands of expert code reviewers.

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