November 11, 2018

Product Management for Engineers

Product managers or PMs are responsible for the overall product experience. They decide what to build, and — just as importantly — what not to. PMs and Heads of Product answer the question, “What problems are worth solving?” Whereas project managers answer, “Are we on track to deliver on time and on budget?”

Translating the voice of the customer into prioritized product requirements requires PMs to wear many hats, and a core responsibility is that they ensure what’s being built is what people actually need.

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November 7, 2018

Getting the Certification to Review Code at Google


Many PullRequest reviewers have experience at big tech companies, like Facebook, Amazon, or Netflix. The following Q&A with one of our reviewers describes their path to getting their certification to review code at Google called “code readability.”

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September 25, 2018

The Checklist for Onboarding Outsourced Developers

Building and executing a goal-focused onboarding process prepares new outsourced engineers to contribute high-quality code. Many teams neglect to properly onboard outsourced developers. Maybe since they’re not in the office and not a full team member, people assume it’s not worth their time to onboard?

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September 23, 2018

Setting Goals for Onboarding Outsourced Devs

Want to get the most from your outsourced developer? Focus on getting them completely onboarded in a systematic way to make it easy for them to contribute quality code.

When any developer’s onboarding is unstructured, they end up slowing down development velocity and the whole team. It might be by unnecessary questions. Or getting constantly blocked. Or writing low-quality code that’s unreadable.

These are frequent issues with outsourced deves who are not part of your team. New dev team members working remotely struggle more with onboarding and communication than those in office.

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September 21, 2018

Why You Need To Focus on Improving Your API Docs

Whether they realize it or not, these days every company is a technology company. Companies that embrace this can offer developers opportunities to connect and interact with their services through public APIs. For teams building developer tools, accessible and easy to use APIs should be a core part of their business.

Successful developer-focused companies make it easy to build on their services, and engage directly with developer communities to continuously improve and innovate. A key first step is to build out robust developer documentation. Sites packed with helpful content like quick start guides, code examples, tutorials, and coding playgrounds. For those companies with the best developer experience, these will be part of a larger developer portal.

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