PullRequest Acquires Moonlight

PullRequest Acquires Moonlight

For the last two years, PullRequest has made it easier for teams to produce high-quality code through code review as a service. Today, we’re adding on-demand developers to our platform through the acquisition of Moonlight.

Founded in 2017 and backed by Fathom, Goldcrest Capital, and Haystack, Moonlight has helped companies and developers fill open development projects with remote, flexible teams. Moonlight removed barriers by solidifying payments, providing credentials, and identifying skillsets. With over 3000 developers on the platform, they have shown tremendous growth in a short period of time.

As we got to know the Moonlight team and began discussing how we all thought about the future of development management, it became clear that we should all work together. I’m thrilled to welcome Emma and Philip to the PullRequest team. Collectively, we’re going to change how development teams think about quality, measurement, and delivery. We’re still figuring out all of the places where the two platforms will converge, but we are very excited by the possibilities.

In the meantime, Moonlight will continue to be available for all customers as a standalone product.

Welcome to the team folks!

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by Lyal Avery

February 17, 2020