PullRequest Support for GitLab Self-Managed

PullRequest Support for GitLab Self-Managed

We’re very pleased to announce that PullRequest Proxy, PullRequest’s integration tool for servicing teams with code hosted on-premise or via private cloud, now supports GitLab!

Support for GitLab Self-Managed has been one of our most requested integrations, especially after we launched support for GitLab Cloud and Bitbucket Server last year.

GitLab Self-Managed teams can now leverage the PullRequest code review platform.
GitLab Self-Managed teams can now leverage the PullRequest code review platform.

As a team of engineers with decades of experience deploying enterprise software, we’ve paid meticulous attention to detail to ensure PullRequest Proxy’s integration is seamless and it works beautifully. It’s in our DNA.

PullRequest Proxy installation usually takes just minutes and comes with great features like:

  • Configurable Auto-Update: So manual updates can be limited to infrequent major versions.
  • Email Domain Signup: So members of your team with verified email addresses with your company’s domain can be added without requiring an explicit invitation.
  • Automated Access Control: On signup, your team members will have visibility/access to Projects based on the Group and Membership configurations you already have in GitLab.

Check out PullRequest’s on-premise installation guides to learn more about the technical details.

Or, schedule a time to meet with us.

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by Dan Mateer

August 18, 2019