Code Review as a Service on Bitbucket Cloud

Code Review as a Service on Bitbucket Cloud

Based on suggestions from our Bitbucket Cloud customers, we rebuilt our Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud integration from the ground up to make it easier to request a review. Those that have already transitioned to our new integration are reporting that their developers have received faster feedback from our code review network.

With the new Bitbucket add-on, more teams are able to get on-demand code review from PullRequest’s vast network of experienced software engineers directly in their Bitbucket Cloud workflow.

Why Atlassian’s Bitbucket Cloud?

As one of the top version control repository hosting services, Bitbucket Cloud has helped millions of software developers bring their ideas to life. In 2017 alone, teams on Bitbucket Cloud merged a whopping 17+ million pull requests.

Its popularity in the software community partially comes from features such as unlimited free private repositories, JIRA and Trello integrations, and built-in continuous delivery. We are excited to join the growing number of companies serving the Bitbucket developer community.

Requesting code review for Bitbucket pull requests

Once you, a Bitbucket admin with the correct permissions, adds a repository to PullRequest with the Bitbucket add-on, you can receive on-demand code review from our network of vetted, experienced engineers.

Individual developers on your team will see feedback from our reviewer network in the Bitbucket dashboard. If needed, they can reply back to our team of reviewers without leaving their Bitbucket pull request.

As with the PullRequest GitHub app, you also have the option to request reviews for specific pull requests, either in your dashboard or by adding [pr] to a Bitbucket pull request’s title.

Read more about assigning Bitbucket pull requests for code review on our support page.

If you would like additional help or have suggestions, please send us an email. We’re happy to help you get started with PullRequest.

Update: We recently added support for teams can now receive on-demand code review for their merge requests directly in their workflow.

About PullRequest

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by Brennan Angel

February 13, 2018