How effective is your company's code review process? See how you stack up to similar companies in the industry and help make your development team more successful with our easy-to-understand insights.

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Data-Driven Insights

Gain unmatched visibility into the health and state of your code review process with clear explanations and researched guidance.

Our Benchmark scores and industry cohort rankings are based on anonymized datasets from hundreds of teams, thousands of developers, and millions of lines of code pushed every day.

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  • Issues Caught Prior to Merge

    See how effective your code review process is for catching costly issues before your users do.

  • Lifecycle Duration

    Keep features, updates, and fixes moving quickly from code review to production.

  • Testing

    Ensure expected functionality is guarded as subsequent updates to your code are released.

  • Code Review Size

    Keep the cognitive load of your changes in check so significant issues are caught, not overlooked.

  • Review Latency

    Maintain an effective feedback loop so developers on your team can iterate faster and keep your business moving.

  • Cohort Analysis

    See how your team compares to the lower, median, and top-performing quartiles of other companies in your cohort.

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