About Us

PullRequest is passionate about code quality. From static analysis to an on-demand network of code review experts, we help development teams ship code faster, with improved quality and lower costs.

Based in Austin, Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area, PullRequest was founded in May 2017, and went through the YCombinator (S17) accelerator program.

Our Team

Lyal Avery

Lyal is founder and CEO of PullRequest. Previously, he founded and served as technical executive at various companies over an 18 year career with several exits, including Strutta, Playerize, and Perk.com.

Tyler Mann

Tyler is co-founder and CTO of PullRequest. He has been a software engineer and technical leader at a variety of software companies including Dropbox, Cisco, and ThinAir.

Zach Redler

Zach is co-founder of PullRequest and he leads marketing and business development. Prior to PullRequest, has led marketing efforts for both startups and large companies, including LG, PayPal, Perk.com, and SAP.

Patrick Barsallo

Patrick is co-founder of PullRequest and serves as head of engineering. Previously, Patrick worked at Corona Labs and Perk.com, after graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Computer Science.